find the best medicare supplement insurance coverage. CALL NOW!
find the best medicare supplement insurance coverage. CALL NOW!

Medicare Supplement Insurance

We can ensure you find the Medicare supplement plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) is a type of health insurance for people who are 65 and older or disabled and pays part of the cost of hospital and doctor care. In some states, Medigap policies can be used to pay for dental care, vision care, hearing aids, long-term care, and other health benefits.

The plan limits the out-of-pocket amount you will bear for medical services once you are subscribed to Medicare. As you might already be aware, both Medicare Part A and Part B have deductibles and other costs that you incur, and there is no maximum cap to it. For this reason, you will want to find a plan that works for you now and in the future.

As the name suggests, these plans are designed to supplement your Medicare coverage with additional benefits. These plans are not designed to replace Medicare but to enhance your benefits by helping pay for things such as ambulance rides, physician visits, and etc. 

We are able to provide a consultation to determine if you qualify for a State or Federal program at No Cost to you.

Call today and let us bring an education to your table so you can make an informed decision about your healthcare.”

The Purpose of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Deductibles, copays, and coinsurance are not covered by Medicare, so supplement plans are designed to pay for them. The insurance company takes the risk of paying these bills, so it makes sense that you would want a plan with the best benefits and lowest premiums. In order to determine which plan is best, you need to know what you’re getting into when you sign up for Medicare Supplement. We at the Affordable Insurance Agency will go over the basics of what you can expect with Medicare supplements and how they work, including which plans are most popular. 

Our experience is something we’re very proud of, and we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for honesty and integrity and provide the kind of service that our clients expect from us. It’s easy to get started with us, and our easy-to-use website is designed to make getting your insurance as simple as possible. Once we have received the information about your health and your current insurance coverage, we will match you with the best plans at the lowest prices. It’s that simple!

How Do You Enroll in Medicare Supplement?

After turning 65, you are eligible to apply for Medicare Supplement within six months, and the insurance company will need to cover you. However, if you suffer from a *pre-existing condition, the insurance company can put your application on hold for up to six months before the coverage to begins, but this will not affect your coverage through Original Medicare.

*Pre-existing conditions usually refer to health conditions that existed before the person subscribed to the policy. Such conditions limit the coverage, can be removed from the coverage, or even be the basis of rejection from being approved for a Medicare Supplement policy. However, the relevant limitations and exact definition of coverage will differ with each plan, so check the documents to understand how a certain plan will handle pre-existing conditions.

Is Medicare Supplement Similar to Health Insurance?

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are not Health Insurance Plans. Health insurance plans cover health care costs associated with your hospitalization or surgery. Medicare Supplement plans are designed to supplement Medicare, not replace it.

What Services are covered by Medicare Supplement?

Generally, your Medicare Supplement plan is only covers services similar to Medicare, except foreign travel, but it is still recommended to look at your plan to see what’s covered. Medicare also doesn’t cover experimental services or those that aren’t medically necessary, and its “Medicare & You” handbook is sent annually to the subscribers of the policy, which is also available at its website, provides complete information on the services covered under the plan.

Your Gateway to Medicare Supplement Insurance

We at the Affordableinsuranceagency are specialists when it comes to insurance policies and help people to get the best plan for themselves. Our professionals will help you find the right plan at the lowest price and also in understanding the terms of the plans and how to use them. 

Our company is an independent insurance company, allowing us to shop the competition. For us, it is you that comes first, and we never try to fit you into a plan simply because we are somehow associated with it. In fact, we will ensure that the plan you are buying is the best fit for your situation.

We welcome people in Clearwater, Florida, and Largo, Flordia, looking forward to purchasing Medicare Supplement. Our professionals provide them with the best advice in accordance with their situation. Our staff is knowledgeable and has been helping people like you find the right insurance coverage for years. 

Why Choose Medicare Supplement?

You might wonder why you would choose a Medicare Supplement policy over other less expensive options. Well, here are the advantages that come with it.

  • Nationwide: Medicare Supplement plans have the advantage of coverage being nationwide. If you travel to the United States, you will be covered by your plan if you go to a medical provider that accepts Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Predictable Cost: The amount you will be paying in premium is certain. If you are eligible for and choose Plan F, you will pay the monthly premium and usually nothing else for medical expenses. You can find similar, predictable out-of-pocket costs with other plans.
  • It doesn’t require a referral: It is not necessary for you to get a referral to see a specialist. As long as the specialist accepts Medicare, you will be covered.
  • Renewable: If you forget to pay your premium, your Medicare Supplement plan is guaranteed renewable, and you can’t be canceled.  

People who have one or more chronic medical conditions should consider getting a Medicare Supplement plan if they don’t have the resources to pay for all of their medical costs.

Get your Personalized Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans are for People 65 and older. If you are retired or nearing retirement age, chances are you are wondering about Medicare Supplement Insurance (MSI). Medicare Supplement plans are designed to provide coverage for health care costs not covered by Medicare. These plans can be added to your existing plan, or you can choose a new plan from the list of Medicare Supplement Plans.

Our agency offers several types of Medicare Supplement plans and can assist you in choosing the right one based on your specific needs and circumstances. Our services are available for the people of Largo and Clearwater, Florida, and if you would like more information or to speak with a representative about a Medicare Supplement plan, contact us today!

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