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Auto Insurance

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When buying an auto insurance policy, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. There are many hidden rules and clauses that dictate the conditions, but most people don’t realize these exist until they need to make a claim or find out their coverage is not what they are expecting.

For Florida, auto insurance States’ requirements are minimums, meaning you can go beyond those limits if desired. Insurance agents are always available to assist in finding the best policy possible at the lowest rate, but it is ultimately up to their clients to ask questions about how certain factors might impact them down the road. There are also optional forms of protection that can be purchased depending on the type of vehicle and personal preferences.

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Auto insurance is required by law in Florida, but laws vary by state and can change periodically, so it’s important to know what is expected of you as well as any options you may want. When it comes to car insurance, many other factors affect auto insurance rates, including where you live, your age, driving experience, location of the car (rural roads vs. city), type of car (sports cars require more coverage), the number of drivers on the policy, their ages, and driving records.

The insurance company will conduct a risk assessment based on these factors, as well as other considerations that derive from these points. In addition to covering bodily injury or death of others should an accident be caused by the insured driver, auto insurance also covers damage to property and pays for injuries sustained by anyone involved in an accident caused by the policyholder. This coverage is only paid out if the responsible party cannot cover it themselves.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Florida

It’s critical that Florida drivers are aware of the state’s compulsory auto insurance coverage rules. The following are the minimal standards for automobile insurance: 

Property Damage Liability Coverage – $10,000

Personal Injury Protection – Must have at least $10,000 in coverage for injuries sustained by the policyholder while operating or riding in a car. Personal Injury Protection also pays lost wages and funeral expenses not covered by other types of insurance.

Personal Injury Protection – $10,000

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – The policy covers the policyholder (and family members as well as passengers in the insured’s car) during medical treatment for injuries received while riding in, entering, or getting out of the car.

There is no other insurance requirement for drivers in Florida; however, drivers can go above and beyond by choosing other types of car insurance coverage. It’s important for consumers to research the different types of coverage their state requires as well as any options that are available before purchasing a policy, but it is ultimately up to them to ask questions about how certain factors might impact them down the road. There are also optional forms of protection that can be purchased depending on the type of vehicle and personal preferences.

Bodily Injury Insurance in Florida

Bodily Injury (BI) Insurance is another option to consider when purchasing your policy. Bodily Injury insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages for injuries sustained by others in an accident caused by the insured driver. Not all states offer this coverage, but it can be beneficial if you are willing to pay a higher premium. Although Florida is a no-fault state, an injured party may sue you for compensation if the injuries are serious or exceed what your basic insurance plan covers.

How much premium should you expect to pay on Auto Insurance?

It’s tough to answer that question without knowing the driver and the circumstances in which they drive. Generally speaking, insurance companies may charge a higher premium based on your age, the type of car being insured, and in some cases, even credit score. Young drivers tend to have a higher rate than middle-aged or senior citizens because statistically, young drivers are more likely to get into an accident due to inexperience or recklessness. To compensate for this additional risk, insurance companies will usually raise rates accordingly.

Insurance companies use actuaries to calculate the risk associated with each individual or business. This determines how much each person or company should pay for premiums based on the likelihood that they will file a claim. Some people are considered cheaper to insure than others because they have never filed a claim in their life, whereas other individuals are considered expensive because they have filed several claims or have a high probability of filing one in the future.

Auto Insurance Agents in Florida

We are an independent insurance agency licensed in the state of Florida. We have been assisting consumers in Clearwater, Florida, and Largo, Florida, for years and specialize in auto insurance. Our mission is to be the best at what we do and help our customers get the best rate available. Because of our experience and approach towards personalization, we are able to provide our customers with a much higher level of expertise than most other agencies.

Our professionals are here to help you find the best policy that fits your needs. We offer quotes from the top carriers in the industry, and our goal is to save you money while providing you with the best option. We strive to give you the best possible deal every time you come to us for an insurance quote. Our professionals have helped thousands of customers just like you find the best auto insurance policy, and we pride ourselves on our customer service, and it shows when you call.

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Delaying auto insurance can cost you money, and it’s no secret that many drivers don’t carry enough auto insurance. To cover damages against any unexpected accident, you need to have the right amount of auto insurance coverage.

As professional insurance agents, we understand your unique situation and the options available for you. We are the top-rated insurance agency in Florida and are proud of our stellar reputation and history of always providing our clients with exceptional service. When you call us, you will always talk directly with a person who is trained and know exactly what you need to get started.

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